• (15min - Nov 12th, 2021) REAWAKEN AMERICA TOUR Speech - Day 2 - San Antonio Texas:
    Robert Agee | Patriots Team Up to Raise $100,000 to Launch Fear-Killing and Truth-Spreading  Billboards



  • (60min – May. 18th, 2022) Up Front in the Prophetic, Sheila Holm & Banners 4 Freedom interview:
    Banners4Freedom ~ Robert & Jaime Agee


  • (16min – May. 13th, 2022) Banners 4 Freedom - Myrtle Beach ReAwaken America Tour Conference
    Robert and Jaime Agee | How Can God Use Your Treasure & Talent to Save This Nation?



  • (57min – Apr. 14th, 2022) LT AndWeKnow & Banners 4 Freedom interview:
    AWK interview: 4.14.22: TWO wonderful LIVES put together for SUCH A TIME AS THIS! PRAY!


  • (10min – Apr. 11th, 2022) Flyover Conservatives & Banners 4 Freedom interview:
    Trump and COVID-19 Billboards of Truth | Flyover Clips


  • (28min – Mar. 23rd, 2022) Church and State & Banners 4 Freedom interview:


  • (5min – Mar. 12th, 2022) San Diego, CA ReAwaken America Tour Conference - Quick Update
    Banners4Freedom | Jamie & Robert Agee | We Will Proclaim the Name of Jesus!


  • (36min – Mar. 8th, 2022) Mel K & Banners4Freedom interview:
    Mel K With Banners 4 Freedom Founders Robert & Jamie Agee On Standing & Making A Difference  3-16-22


  • (18min – Feb. 13th, 2022) Transcend The Matrix & Banners4Freedom interview (starting at the 25:30 min mark):
    DeCoding Super Bowl Halftime Satanic Ritual with Joshua Reid Along With Robert & Jaime Agee of  Banners 4 Freedom On Deborah Pietsch & Scott Bartle's God Wins Super Bowl 2022

  • (22min – Feb. 28th, 2022) America Media Periscope & Banners4Freedom interview (starting a the 31 min mark):
    Guest Host Kevin Jenkins | MSOM Ep. 445




  • (3min – Feb. 19th, 2022) Canton, Ohio, Re-Awaken America Tour Conference: - Quick Update
    Canton, Ohio, Re-Awaken America Freedom Conference Speaker - Robert and Jamie Agee


  • (27min – Feb. 15th, 2022) Flyover Conservatives interviews
    Banners4Freedom: Covid 19 Jab Billboards of Truth | Flyover Conservatives


  • (15min – Feb. 14th, 2022) Clay Clark's Thrivetime Show interviews Banners4Freedom (starts at the beginning)
    Did the Clintons Spy On President Trump While He Was in the White House? + 20 Wins In 40  Minutes


  • (23min – Feb. 4th, 2022) Ann Vandersteel Steel Truth Media interviews



  • (25min – Jan. 26th, 2022) Clay Clark's Thrivetime Show interviews Banners4Freedom (starting a the  1:10:20 min mark):
    General Flynn, Lance Wallnau & Emerald Robinson | The Great Reset Vs. The Great ReAwakening


  • (6min – Jan. 15th, 2022) Phoenix ReAwaken America Tour Conference Quick Update – Day 2
    Robert Agee | The Founder of www.Banners4Freedom.com


  • (7min – Jan. 1st, 2022) Banners4Freedom AndWeKnow exposure during intro and around the 16:45  minute mark:
    The ENEMY SPIRITS on New Year's EVE! Dr. Malone continued...for the CHILDREN!


  • (4min – Dec. 11th, 2021) Dallas ReAwaken America Tour Conference Quick Update – Day 3
    Robert Agee | How God Is Using This Man to ReAwaken America Using Billboards


  • (8min – Dec 11th, 2021) Update Interview with His Glory Ministries at the Dallas Conference
    Robert Agee | ReAwaken America Tour Dallas


  • (25min - Nov. 29th, 2021) His Glory interview starting a the 5:30 min mark:
    Take FiVe Nov. 29, 2021 - Robert Agee & John Redenbo


  • (6:30 min - Nov 16th, 2021) Clay Clark's Thrivetime Show interview:
    Breaking!!! Patriot Raises $100,000 to Launch Billboards Promoting the Truth


  • (7 min - Nov 8th, 2021) The Stew Peter’s Show interview:
    Billboards Expose Dishonest Media: "Banners for Freedom” Reveal suppressed Vaxx Dangers


  • (Nov. 5th, 2021) Banners4Freedom AndWeKnow exposure during intro and around the 24:45 minute mark:
    11.5.21: SOONER or LATER God will cut the DEEP STATE DOWN! Huge victories! BATTLES  continue! PRAY!


  • (14 min - Nov 2nd, 2021) Clay Clark's Thrivetime Show interview:
    SHOCKING!!! Man Spends His Hard Earned Money Posting Truth-Sharing Billboards







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