Looking for Truckers who will place banners on their trucks!

Truck Bumper Stop Mandates Bumper Banner

We can work together to raise more banners!

We are trying to organize who can help get a banner up and who needs a banner donated. We can’t
promise everyone will get a banner but together we can work together to raise more banners.

Our goal is to help link up a trucker that needs banners with someone who wants to donate a banner!

Please fill out this form to let us know your interest and we will be back in touch soon.

We need truckers and donors to make this work!

We have the graphics and print shop on standby to crank these out.


Raising Truck Banners

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let us know how or what you are interested in .
If you are a trucker, let us know where you are driving and best way to get in contact ( CB handles are optional 🙂 ) We don’t want to waste anyone's time or donation either, please only ask for banners if you are serious! Feel free to share your thoughts, concerns , questions or other contact info .
God breathes on something it will trigger major chain reactions. One small idea to reach out to those around us can have a drastic impact, and with the help of others like yourselves, we can stir the pot with a larger spoon.
Our Mission
Banners 4 Freedom