We are excited to build our team of Banners 4 Freedom Street Warriors to help us keep getting the message out to the masses and on the ground. We are looking for people that will help dedicate a portion of their time to distributing flyers, putting out yard signs, hanging posters, helping with events and spreading the word online.

We understand we all have busy lives and don’t expect people to be able to dedicate their entire weeks but with each volunteer in an area we can help spread our budgets further to reach more areas and really educate people on the truth.

Privacy note:  We are not sharing your information or asking for anything you are not willing to share. We will, at some point need an address to ship materials to and send other items. You will not have your information resold to someone else and your info is kept private.

Volunteer Signup

We do not need your full address now.
I can help with :
We understand we all have busy lives but just a round number of how much time you can help donate to spreading the word.
Let us know your general availability to do different outreach efforts.
God breathes on something it will trigger major chain reactions. One small idea to reach out to those around us can have a drastic impact, and with the help of others like yourselves, we can stir the pot with a larger spoon.
Our Mission
Banners 4 Freedom