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Wednesday - June 29th

6pm-7pm - Donica Hudson (DonicaHudson.com): Dethroning the Deep State--when the Great Awakening OVERTAKES the Great Reset
7pm-8pm - Worship - VinnyLovesJesus
8pm-10pm - Rylan Isabella (Facebook.com/ChaosRylan/): Encounter Love 

Thursday - June 30th

6pm-7pm - Dr. Brian Ardis (TheDrArdisShow.com): How the Enemy is Using the Serpent to Poison Us
7pm-8pm - Worship - Salem Hudson (SalemHudsonSpotify): Heart of Worship
8pm-10pm - Special Guest:
10pm-11:30pm - Movie:
CoVenom19, A Health Secret Film (CovenomSeries.com)

Friday - July 1st

6pm - Sheila Holm (HisBest.org) - God Bless America!
7pm - Worship - VinnyLovesJesus
8pm-10pm - Rylan Redeemed: The Cross
10pm-11:30pm - Movie: Washington's Armor, The Journey (WashingtonsArmor.com)

Saturday - July 2nd

1pm-1:30pm - Leigh Valentine (LeighValentine.com): RISE UP AND TAKE A STAND TODAY!
1:30pm-2:30pm - Resistance Chicks (ResistanceChicks.com): The Pilgrims Covenant with God & Native American Friendship
2:30pm-4pm - Dr. Stella Immanuel (DrStellaMD.com): Why True Revival Tarries
4pm-5pm - Worship - Georgia O'Neal
5pm-6pm - Pastor Devin O'Neal (VoicesofMercy.com): The Reclamation of a Nation
6pm-7pm - Marty Grisham (LoudMouthPrayer.org): The Ghost with the Most
7pm-8pm - Worship - VinnyLovesJesus
8pm-10pm - Christa Elisha (christaelisha.com): Prophetic Message & Miracle Service
10pm-11:30pm - Movie: MONUMENTAL, In Search of America's National Treasure (MonumentalMovie.com)

Sunday - July 3rd

1:30pm-2pm - Robert & Jaime Agee (Banners4Freedom.com): Raising a Banner of Truth over our Nation
2pm-2:30pm - Matt & Joy Thayer (Speropictures.com): God Stories
2:30pm-3pm - Cecilia Briseno (facebook.com/cecilia.briseno.5220/): Rise Kingdom Warriors
3pm-3:30pm - Russel Wood (Just1City.net): America and the Cross
3:30pm-4pm - Worship
4pm-5pm - Vince Stegall (EndTime.com):
5pm-6pm - Pastor John Hargrove (NorthCities.org): The Call For This Generation
6pm-7pm - Josh Fuerenstine (America's Revival): The Price of Freedom, Don't miss the Moment
7pm-8pm - Worship
8pm-9pm - Resistance Chicks (ResistanceChicks.com): God's Divine Hand in the American Revolution
9pm-10pm - Firework Celebration
10pm-11:30pm -Movie: TBD

Check back for updates on schedule and speakers!

Rooms available from June 27- July 5th 2022
Holiday Inn - Bonham, TX Booking Link
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