We the People ARE THE MEDIA !

If you plan on volunteering for Banners 4 Freedom, remember, this is a crowdfunded effort and everyone needs to be responsible individually for their awareness efforts.

Make sure that you are capturing photos of your efforts and sharing with us . We will provide you with a place to drop the photos . We want to make sure we are all sharing our individual efforts in getting the truth out!

Passing out Flyers of Truth:

You can donate to our flyer fund and grab them here or print them locally if you don’t want to wait.

Print ready files are located here:

CURRENT PRINT FILES (If this link doesn’t have the most up-to-date info, please reach out to us. We are working hard at trying to keep track of everything and some files maybe delayed)

Poster Blasting!

Great for coffee shops, community bulletin boards , putting up in high foot traffic areas and displaying in break rooms and many other places that people will see them .

You can wheat paste, staple, or tape . Just make sure you put it up on all four sides to keep it up there !

Posting signs out in your community:

Put them up in your own yard , give to others to put up or spread them out in the land in high traffic areas!

  • Do not put on private property unless you have permission.
  • We can send maps to suggest the best areas and places to put them out, but you will still want to use your own discretion.
  • Do make sure you make the sign face the road at the right angle for traffic.
  • Snap photos from 20ft back to show landmarks

CLICK Here to a link to the Supreme court case about signs deemed as free speech.

You can get creative with your posting efforts as well. Try to stay out of Home owner association type neighborhoods. They usually wont last long in those areas.



Questions or Comments ? Feel free to contact us below or Call 1 833-575-LOVE (5683)

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God breathes on something it will trigger major chain reactions. One small idea to reach out to those around us can have a drastic impact, and with the help of others like yourselves, we can stir the pot with a larger spoon.
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