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Raise “NUREMBERG 2.0” Perforated Window Decals


*NOTE: These are 32.5″ wide by 11″ high

Want to spread the truth while driving down the road and stuck in traffic? These window decals are a great way to get the message out around town! These prints are 50/50 perforated for good see through visibility and are DOT approved.

*If you have not installed a window graphic before we suggest you have help with an experienced installer.

We will be doing our best to update these designs with the latest results bi-weekly, depending on stock availability. Most orders will ship and be received within 1-2 weeks. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly if you have an event and are trying to get it sooner.

Questions, comments or having trouble? Feel free to contact us below or Call 1 833-575-LOVE (5683)

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