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Raise “FAUCI is a FRAUD” Yard Signs



God gave us a vision, the same vision you all had, to Raise a Banner of Truth and be a light unto this world.
With His help, and with the help of His soldiers, we will bring this fight to the streets!

Choose to donate and receive a free gift from us or donate to have another volunteer get the signs out and raise more banners!

Use them without the stakes to hold up in protest too!

These yard signs are great to place out in local communities or distribute to those who want to put on their lawns and also put in high traffic areas.
We can help make suggestions on where to put them but your volunteer effort is up to you!

Signs come with the wire stake hardware needed to install, but some have found other ways to put them up as well.

We will be doing our best to update these designs with the latest results bi-weekly, depending on stock availability. Most orders will ship and be received within 1-2 weeks. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly if you have an event and are trying to get it sooner.

Questions, comments or having trouble? Feel free to contact us below or Call 1 833-575-LOVE (5683)


God breathes on something it will trigger major chain reactions. One small idea to reach out to those around us can have a drastic impact, and with the help of others like yourselves, we can stir the pot with a larger spoon.
Our Mission
Banners 4 Freedom